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Ontario Sustainable Energy Association calls on Ontario voters to support new jobs for the future

Thursday, September 15th 2011 9:17:18am

Media Release                                          
Attn: News, election and energy editors and reporters

TV ads start on Friday September 16th in major Ontario media markets

(Sept. 15, 2011, Toronto, ON) Responding to the growing discussion about the future of green energy in Ontario, the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association (OSEA) today unveiled a pair of television advertisements (http://tiny.cc/oseatvspots) profiling the strengths and benefits of an Ontario-made green energy economy.

Kristopher Stevens, OSEA's Executive Director observed, "The ads were produced in response to calls from our membership. They are proud of the positive aspects of the green energy economy in Ontario."  He went on to say, "Ontarians agree with us, green energy is not dirty, green energy generating equipment is being built in Ontario and more jobs are being created in cities and rural areas."

Stevens stated, "The ads tell the stories that I hear every day about the excitement growing around this industry of the future.  People are becoming aware of how the Green Energy and Economy Act has kick-started job creation in Ontario. City roofs covered with solar panels, wind turbine parts manufactured in former automotive plants, farmers managing waste and generating energy with bio-digesters and new water power plants -- all mean more jobs."

Steven's concluded, "We would never tell Ontarians how to vote, but they need to know there are choices. We are asking voters to consider the future of green energy in Ontario on Election Day."

The ads will run from September 16th until October 4th and can be viewed at:http://tiny.cc/oseatvspots


For more information, contact: Don Huff at Environmental Communication Options, (416) 972-7401, or by email at: huffd@ecostrategy.ca
The ad was shot on location in eastern Ontario (Tweed, Queensborough, Seeley's Bay & Kingston). It features renewable energy project owners, area residents and Queen's University students.

The Ontario Sustainable Energy Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring and enabling the people of Ontario to improve the environment, the economy and their health by producing clean, sustainable energy in their homes, business and communities. www.ontario-sea.org

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